Tocal College Foundation Day

foundation-dayTocal College celebrates its annual Foundation Day on Friday, 5 November. The day provides an opportunity to commemorate the establishment of the College, the wonderful bequest of the Tocal property by CB Alexander and the late EA Hunt for his energy and drive to bring CB Alexander's vision to reality.


Peek into the Past at Tocal Homestead

peek-into-the-pastHuge Clydesdale horses will once again work at Tocal Homestead, as the sights and sounds of days-gone-by come alive at 'Peek Into The Past' on Sunday 31st July. The blacksmith will be busy at the forge and the sheep will be shorn as the smell of fresh baked scones in the old wood stove wafts from the kitchen.


Changes at the top

cameron-archer-250pxThe Principal of Tocal College, Dr Cameron Archer AM, announces his retirement after 27 years at the helm. Known for his vision, passion and energy for agricultural education, Cameron has driven the development and expansion of Tocal College for more than a quarter of a century. His leadership has ensured Tocal's place as a premier provider of agricultural and land management in Australia. Further information


James Hooke Tocal Deputy Principal


James hooke has been officially announced as Deputy Principal of Tocal College. James has been acting in the position during 2015 and his appointment has been recently confirmed.

"James brings to the position an excellent knowledge of agriculture, farming and education" Dr Cameron Archer, Tocal College Principal said. Further information