CB Alexander Foundation

The CB Alexander Foundation supports agricultural education at Tocal College and holds in perpetuity the Tocal lands and resources. The Foundation is responsible for the conservation and development of the Tocal historic homestead complex.

The Foundation administers the following scholarship:

The Jean Wilson Alexander Memorial scholarship

A scholarship to commemorate the life of Jean Wilson Alexander and to further the career and personal development of graduates of Tocal College.


Friends of Tocal


The Friends of Tocal, established in 1993, is an organisation dedicated to the support of all activities associated with Tocal College and Tocal Homestead.

The organisation provides a link between the College and the community, encourages wider community use of the College facilities and provides an avenue for community involvement and support of the College.


Tocal Alumni

Alumni web banner

Welcome to the Tocal College alumni community made up of ex-students, former staff and community members who have an interest in Tocal.

The Tocal Alumni provides:

  • a formal network for students to stay in touch with the College and connect with others to support you on your career journey
  • a formal network to connect people who have a link with and interest in the College
  • information on training and job opportunities
  • a platform to share the achievements of our graduates
  • a regular e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around the College, including invitations to upcoming events, promotions and activities.