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Welcome to the Tocal College alumni community made up of ex-students, former staff and community members who have an interest in Tocal.

The Tocal Alumni provides:

The College has been fortunate to have a strong and effective ex-students association. It was initially started as Tocal Old Boys Association in the 1960s and was redeveloped in the late 1970s as the Tocal Ex-Students Association Inc. (TESA). Since the 1980s it has held reunions every five years. Through the dedication and hard work of this association, it has now evolved into the student Alumni.

We are enthusiastic about the formation of Tocal Alumni. We hope it will connect the College, staff and students new and old, and the community to help shape the future of Tocal College.

We encourage you to remain in touch and share your achievements with us in the coming years.

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