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The Kidds of Tocal

The Duninald and Glendarra connections

The other important links for the Kidd family are with the Paterson properties of Duninald and Glendarra. Duninald became part of the Tocal enterprise in 1860 when purchased by Tocal's owner, Charles Reynolds. The Devon stud moved to Duninald while the Herefords remained at Tocal. With this move, some of the Kidd family started to work on Duninald. At this stage there was no Paterson Road bridge, which was not completed until 1880.

Below: The original Glendarra homestead

Glendarra homestead

The Reynolds family leased some of Glendarra and then purchased it around 1870. Members of the Kidd family worked on Glendarra from this time, so a path would have been beaten from Tocal to Glendarra, both for people on horseback and children and family members on foot.

The material possessions of the various generations of the Kidd family at Tocal, Glendarra and Duninald would have been meagre, to say the least. They would have had a good set of clothes for funerals, weddings, and other family events, but in general they would own hard-wearing working clothes, which they would purchase, probably in town, during infrequent visits. Their furniture and other items in the various huts and houses would have been basic. And yet, importantly, they had a strong attachment and commitment to the properties, and the history of John Kidd and then his widow suggest that they just stayed, living on Tocal, until their demise. It was, quite literally, a lifelong commitment.

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