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The Kidds of Tocal

Kidd family links with Tocal, Glendarra & Duninald

John Kidd (1) 1833-18.9.1838 and 1853-9.11.1881 Groom Tocal.

Mary Ann Whalen-Kidd 1853-c1858 Tocal.

Thomas Ford (married Mary Ann) c1855-1858 Groom Tocal. Labourer on Duninald 1863.

Ralph Mills Clarke c1821-1841 Tocal, Glendarra.

John Kidd (2) 1853-1903 Horse Groom, Tocal, Glendarra.

William Kidd (1) 1853-1858 and 1873-1903 Cattle Groom, Tocal.

John Moloney (married Elizabeth Jane Kidd) 1879 Labourer, Tocal.

Richard Kidd 1871-1911 Horse Groom, Tocal.

James Kidd 1877-1910 Horse Groom, Tocal.

Margaret Jane Kidd Housemaid on Tocal.

Matilda Soper (married James Kidd) Servant on Tocal.

Emily Kidd Chambermaid and Servant on Tocal.

Alice Kidd Cook and Housekeeper Tocal and Glendarra c1887-1900.

William Kidd (2) 1874-1892 Stock keeper, Tocal.

Matilda (Tilly) Kidd 1876-1900 Housemaid, Tocal.

Bert Kidd 1878-1920 Stock keeper and Cattle Groom, Tocal.

Arthur James Kidd 1880-1903 Horse Groom, Tocal. 1903-1940 Hobartville.

Albert Kidd 1882-1910 Horse Groom, Tocal.

Leslie Earle ('Daly') Kidd 1886-1895, 1916-1936 Labourer, Farmer, Tocal plus a short time on Duninald 1921.

Alice Chambers (married Daly Kidd) 1915-1916 Cook, Domestic Servant, Tocal.

Mary Ellen Kidd 1887-1915, 1916-1923 Cook, Tocal and Glendarra.

Vincent Kidd 1889-1926 Horse Groom, Tocal.

Aubrey Kidd 1893-1916 Cattle Groom, Tocal, then Tocal and Glendarra 1920-1940.

Elsie Meehan 15 months Cook, Tocal, 21 months Glendarra. 1922-1925.

George Clarke (son of Ralph) 1834-1841 and c1846-1865 Farmer, Tocal.

Annie Kidd 1902-1926 Housekeeper, Laundry person, Tocal, Glendarra, then Alexanders c1930-40 on Tocal.

Ken Kidd 1902-1926 looked after Stud Cattle, Fencer, Jackeroo, Tocal. Horse Groom Duninald 1926-28.

Ivy Roach (married Ken Kidd) 1921-1923 Domestic, Tocal.

Rita Kidd 1923-1925 Housework, Glendarra.

William (Bill) Keith Kidd 1907-1970 Tocal, Glendarra and Duninald all his life.

May Chandler 1922-1923 Housemaid on Tocal. Lived with Bill Kidd.

Lena Kahler 1923-1925 Cook on Tocal.

Jack Meehan Farmer, Labourer, Tocal, Glendarra, 1914-c1930.

Paddy Kahler c1923-1929.

Roy Kidd 1917-1926, 1934-1939 Labourer, Glendarra.

Patrick Meehan 1901 Labourer, Duninald.

Harriett Clements 1901 Cook on Duninald.

James Clements 1833-1855 Farmer, Tocal.

James Frederick Clements 24.9.1874 Farmer, Tocal.

Richard Creighton (father of Eliza Jane, who married John Kidd (2)) Farmer Tocal 1865.

Tom Meehan c1921-1927 Farm Labourer on Tocal. Duninald 1927-1937.

Edward Gould (father of Matilda, who married William Kidd) Farm Labourer on Tocal to 9.8.1893.

Ann Clarke (Pugh) (mother of George Clarke) 1841 Tocal.

John Meehan, c1860 -1870 Guygallon.

Mary Meehan, c1860 -1870 Guygallon.

Usher Tinkler, 1841 Tocal (A Veterinarian or at least a carer of animals).

Ann McDonald, (married Usher Tinkler at Tocal in 1847) c1846 Tocal.



James Bastin, Overseer, 1867, Duninald.

James Cook, Farm Servant 1867, Duninald.

John Smith, Gardener, 1867, Duninald.

Jane Stephenson, 1867, Cook, Tocal.

Elizabeth Stephenson, 1867, Servant, Tocal.

Elizabeth Guy, 1867 Governess, Tocal.

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