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Captain Thunderbolt

Without a tear, without a prayer...

Photo of constable Walker

... and in the presence of not more than a dozen witnesses Thunderbolt was buried. His career ended on 25 May 1870 near Uralla.

The police were alerted to Thunderbolt's presence outside Uralla. Two constables took up the chase and Constable Alexander Binning Walker caught up with Thunderbolt at Kentucky Creek.

Following an exchange of words, Walker and Thunderbolt met in the middle of the creek. Thunderbolt, his own pistol empty, was shot as he attempted to pull Walker from his mount. Overnight Walker became a national hero and was promoted to Superintendent.

Above: Constable AB Walker, who shot Thunderbolt.

Photo of Kentucky Creek

Thunderbolt's body was put on public display following an autopsy that showed he had tuberculosis. Locks of his hair and photos of his body were sold.

Few people attended the burial and there was not a clergyman present.

Despite the belief that there may have been more than one Thunderbolt and the inevitable stories that it was not Fred Ward who was shot at Kentucky Creek, the weight of documentary evidence indicates that Fred Ward was Thunderbolt and he died at Uralla.

The site of Thunderbolt's death on Kentucky Creek, Uralla.


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2.Further information is also available in the book Captain Thunderbolt - Horsebreaker to Bushranger which you can buy from Tocal [details]