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Tocal's convicts 1822-1840

Mother and son

It was not uncommon for two members of the one family to be transported, either for the same or different crimes. Five of Tocal's convicts had brothers transported to NSW but assigned to places other than Tocal.

Two brothers, Michael and Thomas Magner, were convicted for the same offence and both assigned to Tocal where they remained until they gained their Tickets of Leave.

However the most interesting family partnership in crime was the mother and son combination of Catherine and Edward Millson. They were aged 43 and 19 respectively when convicted in Yorkshire in 1829 for stealing 19 geese valued at four pounds ten shillings, and both transported for seven years. They arrived in NSW on separate ships and Edward was assigned to Tocal where he remained until he gained a Ticket of Leave in 1834.

Both mother and son earned their freedom, rebuilt their lives and married in the Colony.

Below: Calendar of Prisoners for Yorkshire, 1829, showing Catherine and Edward Millson at the bottom of the listing.

Calendar of Prisoners Yorkshire