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James Webber

Family and heirs

James Webber never married but he adopted a son who took the Webber name and whose descendants are alive today.

About 1853 James Webber adopted a young Italian man, Luigi Russo, as his son. Luigi took the name Luigi Russo Webber and later married Maria Tamponi. Luigi and Maria had five children, four of whom were born on La Maddalena.

Luigi, Maria and family lived for many years with James Webber at Villa Webber on La Madalena. By this time James had adopted the Italian form of his name, Giacomo Filippo Webber. The 1871 census of La Maddalena shows James, Luigi and Maria at Villa Webber along with two of James' grandchildren, Lorimer and Edoardo.

1871 census of La Maddalena

Above: part of the 1871 census for La Maddalena showing James (Giacomo) Webber, aged 74, with his adopted family. (document courtesy of Mr Alberto Sega, La Maddalena).

road sign of Webbers Creek Road

James Webber died on 25 November 1877 in Pisa, Italy and is buried there.

In 1896 the Municipal Council of La Maddalena decided to name a street Via Villa Webber in memory of James Webber. The Council minutes describe him as

"...a man who valued his own honesty, son of the celebrated General Webber, like Byron’s Harold he loved solitude, loved this island, in his beautiful dwelling he established a library of which any town could be proud...".

Today two street names, Via Villa Webber in Sardinia and Webber’s Creek Road in New South Wales, link the townships of La Maddalena and Paterson in the memory of James Phillips Webber.

Right: sign to Webbers Creek Road in Paterson NSW.