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Who was CB Alexander?

The final years

Myrtle and Marguerita Curtis

When Jean died in 1838, Charles was alone. He had almost finalised his Will (there were two codicils yet to come) and in 1839 he invited his unmarried nieces, Marguerita and Myrtle Curtis to join him at Tocal.

Right: Myrtle and Marguerita Curtis.

The ties between Charles and Dr Samuel Gardiner were growing stronger. The finalising of Charles's Will became a strong bond between them. For Charles, the Will became an obsession.

For at least the last 15 years of his life, Charles had been dreaming and scheming the fate of his inheritance. He wanted the community to benefit from his life-time accumulation of lands and wealth, but he wanted it on his terms.

Some conditions specified in a 1934 version of his Will verged on the bizarre. Detailed drawings and maps showed designs for accommodation and the location of homes and hospitals on each of his properties at Tocal, Bulga, Milbrodale and Jerrys Plains. He even indicated where particular religious denominations should be allocated land.

Over the years, Charles had canvassed most Protestant churches and charitable institutions. Objections to his plans always centred on how a church or charity could make a training home pay for itself, but Charles persisted. His Will grew more and more detailed. He commissioned a drawing of buildings and sited them across the Tocal landscape on maps and plans.

E.A. Hunt

On 26 June 1947 Charles Boyd Alexander passed away, leaving an estate valued at ?342,531 (in today's dollars, $18 million). His estate would rest for a further 18 years until finally brought to life by an enterprising lawyer, Edward Alan Hunt.

Right: E. A. Hunt.

Hunt successfully applied for Charles' estate to be passed to the Presbyterian Church to establish the CB Alexander Presbyterian Agricultural College on the Tocal property. The College opened in 1965, and it is now the CB Alexander Campus of Tocal College.

The information on this web page is taken from the book Who was CB Alexander? which sells for $10 plus postage [details]