industry partners

Tocal College would not be where it is today without the strong support of industry partners and the wider community. We celebrate their support.

Industry Partners



Ian Halliday, Managing Director, Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia have partnered with Tocal College in the National Centre for Dairy Education and value their commitment to ensuring dairy education is available to people working in the dairy industry, or who are aspiring to.



 Charles Lamb, Director, Telford College, NZ

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Tocal College and staff all the best for the Tocal Golden Jubilee this year. I believe that the potential that exists between Tocal and Telford, not only for collaboration in training, research and extension, but also to jointly develop strategies for longer term growth in many areas, is considerable.


Animal Health Australia

Animal Health Australia (AHA) would like to congratulate Tocal College on delivering 50 years of leading agricultural and conservation land management education.

AHA has a longstanding relationship with Tocal College, with the two organisations partnering to facilitate and deliver a range of emergency animal disease (EAD) training and biosecurity programs under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework.




Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges

It is my pleasure on behalf of Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges, Emerald Agricultural College and Longreach Pastoral College to congratulate Tocal on reaching 50 years of agricultural education in New South Wales.