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Guide to Tocal

Tocal timeline

The Gringai Clan of the Wonnarua people used Tocal for many years as a camp site abundant in food and other valuable resources.

1822 James Webber took up a land grant at Tocal

1834 Webber sold Tocal to Caleb and Felix Wilson (father and son)

1838 Caleb Wilson died

1841 Tocal Homestead built

1844 Tocal leased to Charles Reynolds (the lease continued to 1907)

1865 Felix Wilson died. Tocal willed by entail to his unborn grandson David Wilson (born 1879)

1871 Charles Reynolds died - management and stud stock transferred to his wife Frances and their sons

1907 Tocal sold to Charles' son, Frank Reynolds

1920 Frank Reynolds died and management of Tocal transferred to sons Darcie and Arthur

1926 Tocal sold to Jean Alexander, who took up residence with her siblings Isabella, Robert and Charles Boyd Alexander

1938 Jean Alexander died, leaving Charles on his own at Tocal

1939 Myrtle and Marguerita Curtis came to Tocal to live with their uncle Charles

1947 Charles Boyd Alexander died and left a complex will which eventually provided for the establishment of the CB Alexander Agricultural College, Tocal

1963 EA Hunt found a solution to Charles Alexander's will. Work began on the College

1965 The CB Alexander Presbyterian Agricultural College, Tocal opened

1970 Management of the College was handed to NSW Department of Agriculture (now NSWDPI). College named CB Alexander Agricultural College

1985 Myrtle and Marguerita Curtis died and management of Tocal Homestead passed to the CB Alexander Foundation

1987 Tocal Homestead opened to visitors

2002 Tocal Homestead Visitor Centre opened

2006 CB Alexander Agricultural College became the CB Alexander Campus of Tocal College. The College now includes the Murrumbidgee Rural Studies Centre at Yanco.