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Guide to Tocal

Tocal homestead complex map

Tocal Homestead map
Grinding grooves Visitor Centre pig sty Thunderbolt's cottage blacksmith's shop Brick stables Stone barn 1830 tea room Homestead Blacket barn Dairy Bull barn Slaughter house Silos Barracks

1. Visitor Centre

11. Wash down pad and tank stand

2. Tocal Homestead

12. Blacket Barn

3. Kitchen and tea rooms

13. Dairy

4. Milk room

14. Bull barn

5. Stone barn

15. Aboriginal grinding grooves

6. Brick stables

16. Slaughter house

7. Blacksmith's shop

17. Pig sty

8. Thunderbolt's cottage

18. Silos

9. Stallion yard

19. Barracks

10. Valley garden

20. Misses Curtis' graves