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Guide to Tocal

Stone barn

The Stone Barn is one of Tocal’s oldest buildings and was constructed in stages. The first stage was 1830, the date marked on the lintel above the door. At this time about 34 convicts were living and working at Tocal, including a convict stonemason named Dennis Long who would have played a vital role in the barn's construction.

The barn reflects the changing focus of agriculture through Tocal’s history. During James Webber’s time, the barn was probably used for drying tobacco and making wine. Following the success of the Reynolds’ livestock breeding, it became a horse stable and stock feed store, with one section used as a store for property provisions.

When the Alexanders bought the property in 1926, it was converted to a garage for their Rolls Royce. The service history of the Rolls is recorded in pencil on the wall.

Below: CB Alexander's 1929 Rolls Royce in Tocal's stone barn.

CB Alexander's 1929 Rolls in the stone barn

The barn also contains a butcher shop for processing meat killed in the slaughter house and houses a kerosene-powered tractor that was made in America in 1928.

photo of stone barn